ESR Feature Fridays

#esrfeaturefridays #esr #eatsleeprace Racer – Scott Allinder @griproyal_scott Location – Hernando MS Type of racing – #Drifting How long have you been racing for? I started driving as soon as I got my permit at 15 and had my first drift car at 17, so about ten years now. How did racing become your passion? My father has been a hot rodder since day one as his father was before him. I guess it's just in my blood! Thanks to @tractionoptional for holding drift events in a non popular region. If it wasn't for these guys who were so passionate about drifting when I was a kid I would've never had a location to actually practice and learn how to drift. Meeting a few good hearted, passionate, auto enthusiasts really helped pave the way for a hobby that has eventually developed into a new profession for me. #griproyal #nissan #240sx

A photo posted by EAT SLEEP RACE (@eatsleeprace) on Nov 6, 2015 at 7:49am PST


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